Nov 16
This is a list of the top 15 open source licenses as seen in Source Auditor. Each link leads to the license text for that license.  This is useful in generating your policy as to which open source licenses are acceptable to your organization, and which open source licenses are not.  We will periodically update this list and add more licenses.

GNU General Public License (GPL) 2.0

GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) 2.1

Artistic License (Perl)

BSD License 2.0

GNU General Public License (GPL) 3.0

Apache License 2.0

MIT License

Mozilla Public License (MPL) 1.1

Common Public License (CPL)

zlib/libpng License

Eclipse Public License (EPL)

Python Software Foundation License

Apache License 1.1

PHP License Version 3.0

Open Software License (OSL)