Professional Technical Consulting to Optimize Open Source Compliance
Professional Technical Consulting to Optimize Open Source Compliance

Software Engineering Professionals

Software Analysis Services

Whether you are assessing the open source license obligations for your current software, software under development or software you are looking to acquire, you will need to know what open source code is present.

Utilizing software which can identify open source through licenses, copyrights, build files and even code snippets, Source Auditor can discover open source not obvious using other approaches.  In addition, Source Auditor can provide object code analysis which will identify Open Source licensed under copyleft licenses which have been modified, and also pinpoint proprietary code that is compiled with such copy left licensed Open Source.

Source Auditor has over 15 years experience working on license compliance and a strong software engineering background.  Utilizing that background, we can provide effective technical solutions to some of the license compliance issues identified in the analysis.


With any sized software organization, training the development engineers and management team, product managers, and release engineers on important practices in open source license compliance can save you a lot of time and effort over fixing issues later in the development cycle.

Source Auditor can provide open source training content, live training, and content for online training tailored to your specific policies and processes.  Based on OpenChain best practices as well as deep experience in many software development methodologies, Source Auditor can provide your software development professionals concise training in the language they can uncerstand.

Process Development

Bridging the gap between an open source policy and a practical development process can be a challenge for many organizations.  By applying expertise in open source license compliance, open source compliance tools, and various software development methodologies, Source Auditor can provide a process design which is implementable and complete.  Source Auditor will tailor the process to your organizations existing processes and methodologies and open source compliance policies.  The resulting process design document will have specific actionable process steps and tooling recommendations.

Policy Services

Source Auditor provides services to create, review or update current open source compliance policies.  Starting with a review of the current policies and processes in place by the development organizations, Source Auditor tailors the open source policy to enable easier communication and process implementation for your organization.  Our policy recommendations are modeled after the community OpenChain compliance recommendations.  Source Auditor can help you become OpenChain compliant which will demonstrate good open source compliance practices to your customers.