Professional Technical Consulting to Optimize Open Source Compliance
Professional Technical Consulting to Optimize Open Source Compliance

Legal and Compliance Professionals

Audit Services

Source Auditor provides open source audits for software identifying open source and their associated licenses.  In addition to the identification, Source Auditor analyzes the interaction with copy-left open source to identify potential conflicts with proprietary code licenses.  Utilizing software which can identify open source through licenses, copyrights, build files and even code snippets, Source Auditor can discover open source not obvious using other approaches.  With over 15 years providing audits for acquisitions and in-house reviews, Source Auditor provides practical technical remediation advice for issues identified.

Policy Services

Source Auditor provides services to create, review or update current open source compliance policies.  Having a deep engineering and engineering management background along with over 15 years experience in open source compliance, Source Auditor and create an open source policy which is understandable and actionable by the development organization.  Our policy recommendations are modeled after the community OpenChain compliance recommendations.  Source Auditor can help you become OpenChain compliant which will demonstrate good open source compliance practices to your customers.